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Unmatched Pricing

For over 30 years, HN Fabric Imports has been trusted to produce the finest bedsheets, blankets, rugs, and more. Centered on leading technological integration and sustainable manufacturing processes, we weave quality, attention-to-detail, and craftsmanship into every item we produce.


We pride ourselves on meeting even the most demanding customer needs, making adjustments to accommodate virtually any material, size, or design requirement.

As a business owner, having a manufacturing partner that you can depend on is crucial. That’s why at HN Fabric, we uphold the highest levels of customer service, communication, and consistency to streamline the entirety of your fabric and textile needs.


We are firm believers in the power of technology to drive better processes. We leverage next-generation machinery to ensure quality control, chemical mitigation, and scalability.

As your business grows, you can take peace of mind in knowing that HN Fabric has the capacity and resources to meet your accelerating needs.

We are environmentally aware, following industry best-practices to produce sustainable fabrics and reduce waste.

What to Expect

When you first reach out to HN Fabric, you’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable team member.

We begin by getting to know you, your company, and your fabric needs.

Next, you’ll transition to the design phase where we’ll develop an in-depth understanding of your exact material, sizing, quantity, color, and pattern needs.

Lastly, we transition into our production phase. Here, we craft, quality check, package, and ship the final products directly to your business.


Our fabric and textile journey started in the “City of Weavers”

Originally started in Panipat, India, our HNFabric team expanded to an international scale with warehouse and distribution centers in New Jersey. With an in-depth understanding of high-caliber manufacturing processes, we produce some of the world’s finest fabrics and textiles.

We proudly support international product shipping throughout North America, Europe, and Asia


We leverage innovative manufacturing approaches for best-in-class fabric

Our experienced team and versatile facilities produce bedsheets, blankets, tablecloths, floor mats, bath mats, rugs, and beyond.


Uncompromising cost-effectiveness and value

For major shipments, wholesale and small batches alike, we offer value-based fabric solutions unlike anywhere else. In turn, you can expect to receive refined and sophisticated products at an incredible value.

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If you’re ready to partner with a world-class fabric and textile manufacturer, get in touch with our dedicated sales team below. Let’s develop the perfect fabric solution, together.

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