About Us

Established in 1987, our parent company quickly developed into a globally recognized brand and expanded its North America operations through HN Fabric Imports. With over 500 employees who are well versed in leading technological manufacturing processes, we provide scalable product solutions with unmatched quality.

Our History


With only 15 employees and a handful of clients, our manufacturing began as a simple spinning unit.

From the beginning, our team recognized that dedicated customer attention,detail-oriented craftsmanship, and technological innovation would be essential to business growth. To this day, we uphold the same values and principles that we credit for our growth, albeit on a much larger scale.


Our initial 2,000 yard area quickly scaled to a global powerhouse through strategic tech integration and customer-centric values.

Today, we are a leading textile exporter to Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and an array of countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We believe that speed, efficiency, and quality control are the driving tenets to our success.

Our Core Values

Our entire HN Fabric team takes an oath to uphold the highest values in an ongoing effort to support our valued clients.


At all times, we act in the best interests of our customers. We are firm believers that integrity leads to trust. In turn, we develop partnerships to last a lifetime.


Accurate shipping timelines, production samples, and price expectations are essential to our core process. At all times, we strive to keep our clients in the know.


From initial outreach messages to final deliveries, we maintain consistent communication with our valued clients every step of the way.

Our Mission

At HN Fabric, we strive to deliver best-in-class fabrics on every scale to customers around the world, exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

Our Vision

As an innovation-oriented manufacturer, we plan to continually adopt new technology in an ongoing effort to improve the product experience for our customers.

Versatile Support

Partner with HN Fabric today and learn why we’re trusted by hotels, resorts, retailers, and healthcare facilities worldwide.